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Education: Britain, the Middle East and North Africa

Across the Middle East and North Africa, high hopes are being invested in education and training. New knowledge and skills are widely seen as the surest route to a better quality of life and an improvement in competitive performance. For those in education, for those in work and for those pursuing innovation, Britain is becoming a prime source for equipping themselves for the future. At all levels, demand is high, as partnerships are actively sought with schools, colleges and universities. In developing talent and putting companies at the leading edge, Britain offers a whole series of advantages in opening up careers, finding ideas and preparing future leaders.


The Business Channel provides directors and senior executives in both the public and private sectors with business documentaries that not only go to the heart of how businesses  can grow strategically, but through the power of film provide expert advice to help in the planning, growth and prosperity of their businesses.



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"We were extremely pleased with graham's slot on the Business Channel. Graham was given ample air time to express his opinions and we were happy with how Benoy was portrayed. The other companies that were showcased alongside Benoy were all strong brands which added credibility to the programme


Alice Ataii - Benoy


"Priestmangoode were very happy with our representation on The Business Channel's tv programme about Brazil, Russia, India and China. The programme gave us the opportunity to talk extensively about our work in these markets and the programme has been distributed widely as well as being shown on Sky

Kirsty Dias - Priestmangoode


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