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India offers enormous opportunities. But it is large and complex, and should not be seen as one market but a series of interconnected regional markets where the legislative and investment climate may change from one state to another. By taking advice from the right experts, UK companies - large and small - can succeed in India. UK India Business Council is the premier business-led organisation promoting bilateral trade and investment between the two countries. Our mission is to facilitate an increase in trade between the UK and India through business to business dialogue.

UK India Business Council Programme Series

India is moving decisively towards universal health and improving its medical performance. If these ambitions are to be fulfilled, the right technologies, the right assets and the right services will be have to be found at the right price. As one of the world’s leading centres for medical expertise and as a pioneer in combining quality with efficiency in its public health, Britain can serve as a strong partner in meeting the rising expectations among all patients for improving standards of care.

New waves of growth are gathering force in India. Everywhere infrastructure and facilities are improving and expectations are changing for lifestyles as in business. This programme will give a vivid insight into the speed at which business between Britain and India is developing and demonstrate that it can be straightforward and rewarding.

For those who find the right trading structure, India, with its commercial potential and extraordinary transformation in lifestyles and infrastructure, is becoming one of the best places in the world to grow a business. But in such a large, complicated, fast-flowing market, it can be challenging to work out how to access the market and build a presence.

In the industrial revolution that is happening in India, Britain is shaping up to play a pivotal role. As a pioneer in advanced engineering, its capabilities in innovation, design, systems and quality are supporting India’s ambitions to compete at the cutting edge and meet the expectations for millions of new consumers. As well as solving immediate challenges, such collaborations are starting to have much wider implications. Between them, Britain and India are fast discovering the scope for co-creating and co-producing entirely new sources of engineering value.

Education in India is a high priority for the government with the aim over the next 10 years to provide 500 million vocational qualifications and to have 40 million new students in higher education. New knowledge and skills are widely accepted as the surest route to a better quality of life and for students, it is about becoming internationally competitive and securing a more prosperous future. For those in education, for those in work and for those pursuing innovation, Britain is fast becoming a prime source.

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