Britain & China: Prospects for Growth

As a destination for Chinese investors, Britain is taking a lead in generating future growth and making a predictable return. This potential is already being realized in a series of major projects in industry, energy, transport and property. By 2020, China’s presence is expected to grow by five as a new wave of investors explore how they can benefit from Britain’s record for creativity, innovation and quality.

Showcasing UK Healthcare to China

Rising expectations, ageing populations and growing cities are fuelling the demand for better healthcare in China. In this programme we report on the difference that Britain can make as a leading source of expertise in the healthcare sector. Drawing on a wide range of professional and commercial experience, this programme will give a practical, easy to follow insight into the challenges for healthcare in China.

Showcasing UK Engineering to China

As a specialist in advanced engineering, Britain is well placed to act as a supplier and as a partner, based on its record for technical excellence, creative design, lean operations, flexible working and customer support.

Showcasing UK Education to China

High hopes are being pinned on education and training in today’s China. New knowledge and skills are widely seen as the surest route to a better quality of life and an improvement in competitive performance. In this programme, we will report on the difference that British institutions and companies can make in helping to upgrade China’s educational performance. The priority is to widen access and create deeper pools of talent at all levels. For companies, the challenge is to become more innovative and better led. For students, it is about becoming internationally competitive and securing a more prosperous future.

Showcasing UK Infrastructure to China

In meeting China’s demand for modern cities, better transport, more energy, less carbon and safer water, Britain offers a series of significant advantages as a partner. It is a leader in developing technologies that are ready for use and it has a record for planning major projects that make an impact as lasting as the Olympics in London. In helping to support the upgrading of China’s infrastructure, Britain is now drawing on its capabilities in design, finance and innovation to find creative solutions that happen on time, in budget and with low carbon.

Education: Britain & China

In developing China’s next generation of talent and in putting its companies at the leading edge, Britain offers a whole series of advantages in opening up careers, finding ideas and preparing future leaders. Its learning culture is open and international. Its qualifications are highly prized. Its programmes are designed with employers. Just as important as pursuing the best technical and professional standards, Britain actively encourages the capability to move from education into the real world and engage with complex challenges wherever they may be.

Current Investments

The China-Britain Business Council (CBBC) is the leading organisation helping UK companies grow and develop their business with China. They help companies of all sizes and sectors, whether new entrants or established operations. CBBC has worked with China for 60 years and their team has extensive experience of doing business there. They currently have 10 UK offices and 13 across China. In 2013 they expanded to Changsha, Hunan Province, and Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. This series of programmes will give a vivid insight into the speed at which business between Britain and China is developing and demonstrate that it can be straightforward and rewarding.

China-Britain Business Council Programme Series

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