Ep2: Britain & South-East Asia: Prospects for Growth

The ten countries of south-east Asia are fast becoming one of the most compelling stories in world growth. Individually, they are now all on an upward economic trajectory, as countries like Indonesia conducts its own economic revolution, Burma re-joins the world economy and the Philippines expands faster than anywhere else in the world. Together, they are now forging their own trading bloc to speed up flows of business between themselves and to make it easier for international companies to access the potential of the region as a whole.

In this programme we report on the difference the UK can make to the performance of enterprises and institutions throughout the ASEAN region. We will be highlighting the advantages that the UK can offer its partners in upgrading their infrastructure, meeting the rising expectations of consumers and creating innovative solutions. Drawing on experience from a wide number of sectors, we will explain how Britain is transforming its own capacity for turning smart ideas into ready for market applications. For those partnerships who combine on the right projects on the right terms, the potential for creating value between Britain and ASEAN is going to be immense.

Ep1: Britain & South-East Asia: Prospects for Growth




Current Investments

The UK-ASEAN Business Council (UKABC) was created out of UKTI’s 2011 Strategy ‘Britain Open for Business' and launched by Dr Vince Cable in November 2011. The underlying purpose of the UKABC is to facilitate a step change in the level of trade between the UK and Southeast Asia, and through this contributing towards UKTI’s ambition to support 50,000 SMEs and increase UK exports to £1trn by 2020. With a particular focus on the SME community the UKABC runs a programme of awareness raising outreach activity aimed at improving understanding of the business opportunities in the ASEAN region, as well as giving practical advice and guidance on how to go about doing business there

UK-ASEAN Council Programme Series

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